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Information for Landlords

Our Program

Landlords can partner with Foothills Housing Network to fill vacancies in your properties.  We will supply you with numerous potential tenants from our housing programs. Fill your vacancies without advertising, all while you help your community!

Benefits for Landlords

  • Consistent and on-time rent payments

  • Signing bonus for new landlords

  • Bonus for landlords willing to negotiate rents to at or below FMR (Fair Market Rate)

  • Tenants who have completed education on budgeting and being good neighbors  

  • Fill spaces without advertising

  • An open line of communication with our Landlord Engagement Specialist to assist you with any questions or concerns

  • Case management for tenants

  • And more!

Get Involved

Contact us today to begin your partnership with Foothills Housing Network:
(540) 403-0650
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