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Our Commitment to Racial Equity

We recognize that:

Due to structural racism, people of color are dramatically overrepresented among those who are experiencing homelessness—comprising approximately 60% of the homeless population in the United States, compared to 39% of the general population. 
In PD9, people of color who are currently or at risk of experiencing homelessness represent 48% of those facing housing insecurity, while only accounting for 11.9% of its population.

Racial discrimination in housing, employment, healthcare, education, criminal justice, and other systems contribute to high rates of homelessness for people of color.

In response, we will:
  1. Center racial equity to strengthen existing strategies and create new approaches that more effectively meet the needs of people of color experiencing homelessness.

  2. Craft prevention strategies to stem inflow of people of color into the homelessness system, particularly from criminal justice and foster care. 

  3. Invest in ongoing racial equity training in our own organizations, and the Continuum.

  4. Ensure that research data collection efforts are racially-explicit and involve community participation in design and execution.


At its core, this is the work of equal justice, anti-oppression, and human rights for all. We commit to one another and to all people experiencing homelessness that we will continue to work until homelessness is rare, brief, and nonrecurring. 

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